You may find some of my oils as you shop with other UK indie makers. These are often exclusive scents, and can only be purchased via those vendors. Currently available scents are listed below.

Cure Nails - Shop here

'Bubblegum' - A sweet candy inspired bubblegum scent. With sugary apple, pear, strawberry, peach, orange, and sweet raspberry and vanilla.

'Grape Soda' - The fresh crisp aroma of freshly picked grapes, apples, pears and sliced peaches mixed with the sweet essence of sugar cane.

Hollie Mixture - Shop here

'Fresh & Fruity' - A light mixture of fruity notes, with a gentle citrus hint, and a lovely fresh scent.

'Pink Lemonade' - Inspired by pink lemonade. A fizzy mixture of lemon, lime, and grapefruit with hints of citrus, apple, and sweet raspberry on a sugary vanilla base.