'Toasted Marshmallow 2.0' Wax Melts

£0.80 - £3.50

*This is a different scent to the original 'Toasted Marshmallow'. I believe this version is more accurate and is my personal preference of the two.*

A wax melt snap bar in the 'Toasted Marshmallow 2.0' scent - Toasted campfire marshmallows with sweet cherry almond, maple, coffee biscuit, and rich vanilla caramel.

The bat option is for one bat, weighing around 9.5-10g.

Sample bags contain at least 10g of wax hearts, usually between 6-7 hearts.

Each wax bar contains approximately 50g of wax, and is made using vegan friendly paraffin blend wax. Any glitters used are bioglitter, therefore are plastic free, cruelty free, plant based, and biodegradable.

The wax snap bar packaging is completely recyclable, and made from 86-88% recycled PET plastic. Please recycle your empty packaging.

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