Scent Explorers Box - June: Summer Fresh


***Postage for Scent Explorers boxes is only £2.50 at checkout***

Hello! Welcome to my new monthly Scent Explorers wax melt box. Each month I hope to put together a bundle of around 5 scents, with at least 4 being new to my brand. Occasionally there may be rewind boxes with previous scents, but these will be clearly stated.

I have a mountain of untried, unreleased, and unloved scents in my workshop. I want to be able to release as many of these as possible, and I'd like to do it with your help! With these boxes I hope to bring you along on my journey to discover new favourites and let you be the first to smell many new additions to my scent range (in wax and other products!).

Each box will contain small wax melts in 5 different scents. I would love to hear your thoughts on each scent to answer questions such as:

Do you like the scent?
Would you like it to be released permanently/seasonally?
What are your monthly favourites?

Of course, if you just want to enjoy the scents, there is no pressure to provide any feedback!

June's box theme is 'Summer Fresh', with a mix of fruity and fresh scents perfect for easing into the Summer. Scents included are:

'Peaches & Cream'

'French Vanilla'

'Juicy Strawberry'

'Clean Cotton'

'Sunny D'

Full scent descriptions will be included in each box.

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